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Learning to Live a Life Filled with Gratitude
When you lose something, it’s only a matter of time that you realize how much you actually appreciate it. Majority of us have taken something or someone for granted and we only realize how much important they were to us afterwards. We spend much of our time and energy thinking of things that we don’t like, what we think might need fixing and changing or what is worrying us. We live in a world where its obsessed with the bad things; just look around you and hear what people are saying, there are plenty of negative attitudes and conversations.
What if we decide to stop all the negative obsession and start paying attention to whom or what we appreciate at the moment? imagine how this shift in focus could actually change our lives, relationships and families. This does not mean that you avoid or deny all the challenges that come your way or even ignore what surrounds us, learn to face and deal with all the difficulties that are in front of you. Don’t obsess about the bad things that it comes to a point where it runs your lives. We all have the right to choose to focus on the good things in our lives. There are plenty of good things happening around you every day. You even converse with amazing people each day but you will only realize this if you decide to recognize it and acknowledge it through your words, thoughts and actions.
Use this few principles to help you live a life full of gratitude and enjoyment;
1. Choose to only think of positive feelings and thoughts – make a decision to alter your negative feelings and thoughts into ones that empower you.
2. Be thankfulfocus only on the blessings that are in your life and also all that you have to be thankful for.
3. Recognize others – let your focus be in appreciating all the people around you and also make a point of letting them know too. Let them know of the positive influence that they have on you and your life.
4. Always appreciate yourself – salute what you do, who you are and all the many talents and gifts you have. Self appreciation is a recognition of your power and it is also a key to fulfillment, success and self confidence; it is not arrogance.
5. Use positive words – pay attention to the words you use when talking about different things, how you talk about others and most of all how you speak about yourself. Always speak positive words as much as possible. Our words have the strength to create and not only to describe.
You don’t have to wait until everything becomes perfect or everything is handled and you don’t also have to wait for people to do things exactly the way you want them to. Start by appreciating yourself, others and also life just as it is at the moment.