Should You Invite Your Boss to Your Wedding?

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Your wedding is meant to be one of the most significant days in your life. It is the day when you will marry your true love and should be a happy one, but there are certain factors that could ruin the merriment of the experience. One of these factors is the presence of specific guests that could make the ceremony uncomfortable, upsetting or distressing. This is the reason why you should take care when planning your wedding’s guest list like in Parsley Box

Before considering who you should invite to the wedding, it is important that you look at your budget and the size of the reception site. It will not make sense to invite over 100 guests if the reception venue cannot accommodate them or you do not have the budget to feed them. Once you have looked at these issues, it is recommended that you jot down the people who are most important to you and need to be invited; then work your way down to the people who do not matter as much. This is a terrible way to rank people in your life, but it is a necessity when choosing the most suitable people to invite to your wedding.

1. The Parents

In some cases, parents will request that guests are invited despite you not being able to accommodate them or not wanting them on the guest list. To ensure that this does not happen, it is important that you inform the families early on that only a certain amount of the guest list is allocated to each family. For example, one-third is for the groom’s family, one-third for the bride’s family, and one-third for friends. This is a good formula to keep the guest list organized, but it may not always be so easy to manage in reality.

2. Ex-Partners

While inviting an ex-partner to a wedding may be considered taboo, it can also be considered acceptable under certain circumstances. For example, if one shares children with an ex then he or she should be able to invite the ex-partner to a wedding. The problem is that the presence of an ex-partner at a wedding ceremony can cause a flare of emotions among your new partner and this can be uncomfortable. It is important that the decision of whether or not to invite ex-partners to be made beforehand by the couple.

3. Children

While you may love children, it is not always beneficial to have children attend a wedding ceremony. A child, particularly a young child, will become bored during the ceremony and the reception resulting in disruptions on the wedding day. They may cause their parents distress and could lead to the parents having to leave early. It is possible to hire a sitter and organize games for the children to play, but this can be an extra expense that you could eliminate by requesting that children do not attend the ceremony.

4. Past Friends

If you are no longer friends with people from your past or do not keep in regular contact with them, you should not feel obliged to invite them to your wedding day. When making these decisions, it is important to ask yourself if the guest is part of your life and if you want them in your future. If you do not, then this means they do not mean anything to you and should be excluded from the guest list.